Easily program for Android

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You've always been afraid to learn how to develop or find the long and tedious programming?
Avec Easy2Prog vous programmez dans votre langage et travaillez n'importe où depuis votre smartphone.
Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour que vos applications soit rapides et efficaces. Grâce à l'éditeur E2P, ne prenez plus de temps pour chercher une erreur, l'éditeur le fait pour vous. Plus simple que jamais de faire une application de qualité, il est possible de créer un serveur en quelques lignes.

Easy2Prog, what is it?

Easy2Prog is a language interpreter, it allows you to read scripts, applications, games and launcher for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

He is able to understand any language such as French, Russian, German, English, Japanese and many others.

This module is the first to allow any developer being expert or having no power base to develop and sell his own applications.

Develop your own tools, applications, games or home screen with Easy2Prog

Easy2Prog is a module to be installed on your devices, it is able to understand a new language called "E2P"

How to create your application?

To create your application, just a simple text editor, for those who know JavaScript, you will not have trouble understanding the language

There is also an official editor, it is called Easy2Prog Editeur, it is available for download on PlayStore for Android, it will allow you to more easily create applications with features.