Easily program for Android

Easy2Prog is not yet available.
However, you can participate in its construction by registering on the forum.
The web site is under construction

Easy2Prog, what is it?

Easy2Prog is a language interpreter, it allows you to read scripts, applications, games and launcher for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

He is able to understand any language such as French, Russian, German, English, Japanese and many others.

This module is the first to allow any developer being expert or having no power base to develop and sell his own applications.

Develop your own tools, applications, games or home screen with Easy2Prog

Easy2Prog is a module to be installed on your devices, it is able to understand a new language called "E2P"

How to create your application?

To create your application, just a simple text editor, for those who know JavaScript, you will not have trouble understanding the language

There is also an official editor, it is called Easy2Prog Editeur, it is available for download on PlayStore for Android, it will allow you to more easily create applications with features.

What will it be possible to do?

With Easy2Prog it will be possible to create applications using theme packs, for example, if you want to make a simple application to make a menu parameter simply indicate the texts because the presentation will be already done (it is obviously possible to customize)

You want to display an image gallery? Nothing is easier, simply insert a "gallery" area on your page

The positives / negatives

Easy2Prog with you to do everything you wanted to do without wasting your time, you'll be able to share your projects on several types of smartphone without having to rework your script.

Time to create the application / game / launcher is divided by 10 compared to the normal

Unlike other development tools, you can design your application from anywhere thanks to your smartphone.

The only negative is that it will not be possible to publish your project to the PlayStore but maybe one day we will open a space like this specifically for projects E2P